This page was last updated: April 17, 2017
2012 Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee, Inc.
Title:  Heartbeat of Palatka
c. 1890 - 1909 - 1916 
Artist:   Terry Smith
Location:   205 N. 2nd Street
Size:  14' x 34'
Sponsors:   City of Palatka
This mural was almost totally demolished  due to a roof leak generated by Hurricane Frances in 2004. 
Here is what it looked like:
As you can see from the photos above, the artist tried to repair it by scraping off the loosened paint, then sketching in the general guidelines.  Unfortunately, between times that he was able to work on it, more damage was done...He had to start all over and repaint the entire mural! 

The latest version is even more beautiful than the original.

The Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee is very grateful to the artist, Terry Smith, for his dedication to his work, which adds so much to the work of the committee.

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