This page was last updated: April 17, 2017
Title:  High Time in Palatka

Artist:     Terry Smith

Location:    South 7th Street at St. Johns Avenue

Size:  22' x 18'4"

Sponsors:   Friends of the Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee

Tour Guide
Do you remember how exciting it was when the circus came to town?  All the wagons, all the clowns, all the animals...and the tightrope walkers!  Step back in time with us and join the crowd watching a thrilling performance!

Take another look at the door on the little building on the left.   It's real!

Take a closer look. . .
This guy can't believe what he is seeing!

Or maybe it goes deeper than that...maybe he's the next one to walk the line.

Take a look at what he has in his hat!
2012 Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee, Inc.