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Title:  Early Dwellers
Timucuan Indians c. 1774

Artist:   Bill Waller

Location:   MainStreet Office - 205 N. 2nd Street (Inside)

Size:  Approx. 5' x 18'

Sponsors:    Harry and Doris Dukes
A large mural painted on two separate panels, this mural depicts the daily life of the original inhabitants of Palatka, the Timucuan Indians.  The Timucuans were tall,  well-proportioned people with coppery complexions.  The warriors often wore feathers, leaves or grasses around their heads or covered them with masks representing wild animals.

"Home" for the Timucuan was a large dome-shaped hut framed with poles and thatched with palmetto leaves.  The village was made up of several huts surrounded by palisades.  The Timucuans were a predominantly agricultural people, planting maize, beans, squash and pumpkins in the fields surrounding their villages.  Their diet was supplemented by fish and wild game.
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