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Title:  Night Passage
Traveling Up the Ocklawaha River at Night

Artist:   Terry Smith

Location:   4th Street at St. Johns Avenue

Size:  Approx. 16' x 46'

Sponsors:    Putnam County Blood Bank
                     The Snyder Family
                     In memory of Robert W. Snyder
                     and Herbert K. and Emma Wolfenden
Commuting in the last century...taking the Hiawatha Steamboat up the Ocklawaha River from Silver Springs to Palatka.  Small wonder that muralist Terry Smith is one of our favorite artists.  His mastery not only includes knowledge of the flora  and fauna of this region, but also portrays the "flavor" of our history.   The artist also likes to paint "surprises" in his artwork.  When you have an opportunity to see the completed mural, be sure to search the grasses carefully...
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2012 Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee, Inc.