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Down Memory Lane...
A collection of smaller mural panels.
This is panel #4
Title:  Old Palatka City Hall
c. 1905

Artist:  Julia McCoy

Location:  City Hall, Reid St. at Second St.

Size:  Approx. 5' x 8'

Sponsors:  Clint and Elizabeth Snyder,
                  In Memory of Leon Conlee
This municipal building not only provided space for the conduct of City business, but also housed Palatka's only fire station and the small public library.  The library, which was located upstairs, was reached by treading squeaky wooden stairs.

Some folks recall the fire engines leaving the building through large doors on the left and into Reid Street.  However, these doors were originally located on the West side of the building with fire engines entering Third Street.

A native-blooming Passion Flower vine twists along the base of this mural.  The Passion Flower is so called because of the symbolism attributed to the flower's unusual shape.

This panel is dedicated to the memory of Leon Conlee, long-time city commissioner and civic leader.  The Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee and numerous other civic organizations are named in his honor.
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