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Down Memory Lane...
A collection of smaller mural panels.
This is panel #6
Title:  Old Palatka Waterworks
c. 1886

Artist:  Sherrie Z. Lowe

Location:  City Hall, Reid St. at Second St.

Size:  Approx. 5' x 8'

Sponsor:   Palatka Gas Authority
The Waterworks, fed by "copious and never-failing" springs, used two steam-driven pumps which could each provide over one million galls of "pure, soft water", according to a late 19th century tourist guide.  At first, privately owned and operated, the facility was later purchased by the City and expanded, allowing the Works to remain in operation until 1986.

Coreopolis daisies spread their gold charm in many Putnam County fields, including the land surrounding the Waterworks.      
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