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Down Memory Lane...
A collection of smaller mural panels.
This is panel #2
Title:  The Putnam County Courthouse c. 1909

Artist:  Julia McCoy

Location:  City Hall, Reid St. at Second St.

Size:  Approx. 5' x 8'

Sponsors:  Palatka Antique Mall
                 Gene and Judy Caputo
With the exception of the cupola at the top of the building, our courthouse still looks like this today.  As it is still in use, most of the "modernization" of the courthouse has taken place on the inside, making it handicapped-accessible.  The "front lawn" (the St. Johns Avenue side) not only showcases memorials to our soldiers who fought in all wars, but also serves as a central gathering place for picnics, art shows, parades and other special events.

Shown in the foreground is the beloved "Maltby Oak", a massive hundred-year-old tree located on the grounds.

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