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Down Memory Lane...
A collection of smaller mural panels.
This is panel #1
Title:  The Putnam County Jail
7th & Reid Sts, c.1880

Artist:  Julia McCoy

Location:  City Hall, Reid St. at Second St.

Size:  Approx. 5' x 8'

Sponsors:  Walt's Barbeque
                  E. W. (Walt) and Pauline Pellicer
This handsome Victorian brick structure appears on the 1884 "Birdseye View, Map of Palatka".  The original building was used as a home for the sheriff and his family (E.W. and Pauline Pellicer, the sponsors of this mural) after an addition to secure the prisoners was attached to the rear of the brick building in 1924.  This structure continued in use until replaced by a modern facility in 1964.

At the bottom of each of these panels, the artist has portrayed one of our local native flowers for your enjoyment...  On this panel, native blue iris, sometimes referred to as "Blue Flags", provide the foreground of this panel.

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