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Title:  The Putnam House
c. 1891

Artist:  Harimandir Khalsa

Location:  2nd St. at St. Johns Avenue

Size:  Approx. 20' x 40'

Sponsors:  The Fearnside Family,
                   In Memory of H. M. Fearnside, Sr.
At one time, the Putnam House Hotel was the largest of our many hotels in Palatka.  This mural is painted on the site of the original structure.  The first Putnam House Hotel, which was built on this same location, burned to the ground in the huge fire of 1884, which consumed all of downtown Palatka.  It  was replaced by this elegant building, which eventually covered the entire city block.  This beauty also burned to the ground a few years later. 

During its heyday, it was "the"  place to stay during "The Season" here in the popular resort town known as "The Gem City of The St. Johns River."  Our historical archives have many, many pictures of folks who would stand on the porches to have their photos taken in groups by a professional photographer.  It didn't seem to matter if they knew anyone in the group, just so they had a souvenir photo of themselves standing on the porch!

Below is a drawing to show how this particular artist constructed her mural.  It is interesting  to compare this style to the one used to paint the mural entitled "Night Passage".  Click here to go there.

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